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The Truth About Dead Leads

December 13, 20221 min read

Today, I want to talk to you about your database.

You might say…

“But a lot of people in my database are dead leads. They don’t respond to me at all.”

Well, that’s exactly why I want to talk to you about it.

Because here’s the reality:

Even with dead leads, your database is still valuable.

Let me explain.

As you know, not everyone who inquires about your product or service is ready to buy at that moment.

So you need to give them time.

Now, if you call or email them and they don’t respond…

You might think that they’re already dead leads.

Well, maybe they’re just not ready to buy yet.

Or sometimes, a lead tried to call or email you.

But you missed it and forgot to respond immediately, which caused them to ignore you once you finally returned the call.

Does that mean you should stop getting in touch?


Keep trying to communicate with your dead leads.


Because unless they told you that they’re not interested in your business…

Then you shouldn’t stop.

Otherwise, that lead will eventually forget about you.

And when they finally need your product or service…

Chances are that they’ll go to your competitor…

All because they forgot you existed.

That could have been avoided if you only kept communicating with them.

But perhaps you’re worried that they’ll feel you’re harassing.

Believe me, they won’t.


Because you’re not just simply communicating with them for the sake of.

You’re communicating to build a relationship with them.

And if you send them valuable content that can help improve their lives…

They won’t feel harassed.

Hopefully, this can help you turn your dead leads into clients.

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