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The Outcomes Team has helped our clients to seek out new opportunities, to grow their business and improve their work-life balance by working less and earning more. Our coaches are experts. Not only have they run their own businesses but they have won several internationally accredited awards for their Business Coaching Programs. Speak to the team today!

David Guest


I started my business career at age 5 when I worked in my parents business.

Working in the family business raised a lot of questions… like, why do some business owners make lots of money, while others are barely paying the bills? My curiosity led me to research as much as I could about success, business, and what drives people.

I discovered that “the more you learn the more you earn” and I have been actively educating myself ever since. I have been coaching business owners for over 20 years.

My favourite part of what we do is seeing the look on the business owners face when they start making more money than they had ever anticipated and start building a life.That’s why I do what I do… there is nothing quite like it.

Rob Jagger

Senior Business Coach

Our succession and exit specialist. Rob is a seasoned professional that helps clients get their business ready for sale, transition or succession.

Every business owner needs to begin with the end in mind. Robs passion and knowledge will ensure you create and implement an optimised exit strategy. Whether is selling the business, passing it on to your team to run under management or just winding it down. Rob will show you and guide you in getting the best result.

Running the business is another skill-set that most business owners never consider and needs to be learnt to expand. If you want to transition from working in the business to working on the business, this is the way.

Ray Strongman

Senior Business Coach

I specialise in working with hands-on business owners such as ‘tradies’ My knowledge and skills is especially effective for those who need to spend more time ‘off the tools’ so that they can work on growing and increasing the profitability of their business. I’ve owned businesses from restaurants to entertainment venues; giving me a broad wealth of experience.I have over 10 years of experience as a business mentor; working with hundreds of businesses across nearly every industry. I’m committed to my clients and will go beyond what is expected as I possess a genuine interest in every client’s welfare.

Annette Guest

Admin Manager

Keeping things going around the office is sometimes overlooked, but with out admin, there's no coffee in the machine, paper in the printer or money in the bank.

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