"ATTRACTING the right clients and the right team members is a critical business imperative."

- David Guest


In today’s economy, the ability to build your brand and become an authority will leverage your marketing and sales and substantially reduce the cost of client acquisition.

Communicating with your community as a leader and authority will attract the right players to support your vision and propel your business forward.

We all know that getting in front of your future tribe is important, but not urgent. Having a consistent way to communicate your message, while building your profile will set you up for success.


Referrals are by far the best source of new business, but for many they are reactive rather than a proactive strategy.

One of the most under utilised referral strategies is working with complimentary businesses to leverage your products and current client base.

Rather than just advertising and relying on your people finding you, you can build your influence and become a trusted source of knowledge and solutions to your target market. Do this and you'll stand head and shoulders above your competitors. You'll also attract the right players to support your vision and propel your business forward.

We already know that getting in front of your future tribe is important, but having a consistent and systematic way to personally communicate your message, while building your profile will set you up for success. 

Creating a structured referral strategy is the fast track to building a pipeline of pre-qualified warm leads without having to go into a price competitive "cage fight'' to win the business.

That’s where the Authority Lead Machine comes in... We have developed a structured and repeatable process to create a stream of qualified referrals, while building authority and credibility in your market. We incorporate multiple channels and give you the tools to develop your own strategic network. Our proven process will complement any current marketing strategy by supplementing lead flow and increasing conversion.

When you collaborate with Outcomes, we'll work out the best way to get you results... fast.


Our proven process for building and maintaining this system will complement any existing marketing strategy, increasing conversions and market presence.

Running webinars is not new, but running effective lead generating events using livestream is a profitable marketing channel.

That's because business owners are becoming more aware of how they use their limited time and attention. 

Live Streaming is a highly leveraged and efficient way of cutting through the noise and getting prospects to personally engage with you and your team.

Outcomes Business Group have run over 100 of these events and developed a tested and repeatable system for delivering high quality events that generate leads and convert.

The Authority Lead Machine uses a combination of personal convenience, education and engaging presentations to get great interaction from the audience, leaving prospects excited to meet you and understand how you can help them.

By tapping into your network and leveraging the other presenters networks, you will multiply your registrations, reduce your lead generation costs while building strong relationships with your strategic partners.

There are 3 steps to running a successful live stream...

Collaborate. We find 3 partners in complementary industries to collaborate and provide a powerful, highly targeted message.

Promote. We create a compelling, benefit driven campaign including a registration process and landing page is created to promote the event.

Present. We help craft a concise, targeted presentation for each presenter to ensure they convert and maximise the number of leads generated.

The success of the ALM events is measured in both

Leads & New Business Generated...

Marketing is Maths

We measure the number of registrations, leads and clients you get. We will also help you develop your sales approach to make sure every registrant is contacted and qualified.

The presenters then follow up all registrants and identify opportunities for further contact. At the end of the event, you will be provided with a list of highly qualified and motivated prospects ready to talk to you about your service.

Our goal is to get you a great return on your marketing investment...


Our collab program creates and enhances your, already established, network. It's perfect if you..

  • Love the idea of collaborating with other like minded businesses.

  • Deliver a great product and want more referrals and warm introductions.

  • Have tried several mainstream marketing channels, but finds they are ineffective.

  • Have a product or service that will help established business owners scale.

  • Already have an existing database of 50 or more business owners who fit that target market.

  • Are keen to help more people by providing valuable insight through presentation.

If this sounds like it's for you, book a time to chat with our team and see if this strategy will work for you.


For many business leaders, getting known in their industry is a logistical nightmare.

Having an events management and promotion team driving your public relations campaign will systematically build both your profile and give your prospects a way to build an understanding of who you are and what you stand for.

By partnering to run your first livestream event, you will see results fast without having to reinvent the wheel.

You can Test Drive the Authority Lead Machine and see if it will work for you.

There's a small investment of $997 plus GST to become a presenter at one of these events. This covers the cost of creating the marketing materials and facilitating the event. We are focussed on generating leads and optimising the event to get each presenter hot leads.

This is your way of checking us out.


Our partners believe in collaboration and working together to get better results for everyone. Here are a few describing their experience.

Andrew Marmont

CEO of Conqurve Marketing

Andrew runs Conqurve Marketing and values the ability to become an authority in his space. He also taps into other partners databases to build his list and strengthen his brand. He consistently gets a 5 times return on each event.

James Smith

CEO of Smith Brothers Media

James Smith is the CEO one of Melbournes leading Marketing Agencies. He believes these events have produced the best returns on investment so far when prospecting for clients. Smith Brothers have seen returns well in excess of $500,000

Damian Lacey

Director OE Partners

OE Partners are a management consultancy who work with businesses to improve their systems and processes to get better productivity. Damian has presented several events, creating a consistent flow of high quality leads. As a result of these events, OE Partners has generated in excess of $120,000 in sales.

Ashleigh Alsadie

Founder of The Promodonna

Ashleigh Alsadie, founder and director of Promodonna presents as an expert in sales and using the telephone, she gets branding and an amazing networking opportunities. On average, she is signing up 4 clients from each events.

Here's some recent events...

The 3 Key Elements to Building a Successful Partnership That Works...

David Jenyns is the author and founder of SYSTEMology. In this presentation to his consulting team, we share the 3 keys to building successful partnerships.

Getting traction with strategic partnership is the best growth strategy for almost any business.

Understanding the elements and systemising the execution is a sure way of building a flow of highly targeted and qualified leads for your business.

If this sounds like it's for you, book a time to chat and see if this strategy will work for you.

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