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At Outcomes Business Group, we do things differently. With a team of expert coaches, the Outcomes Team has a wealth of knowledge and an incredible track record of success. Discover the Outcomes difference today!

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A note from our Founder David Guest…

I started outcomes business group with the idea of helping people in business be successful, make money and get the lifestyle choices that they always wanted.

The idea stems back to when I was young and I was working in my parents business. I was five years old and rather than paying for childcare they would pay me to come to work and help them. 50 cents a day tax free was a good gig. My parents were immigrants into Australia and didn’t speak english very well. The reason they ran a business was because they couldn’t get a job. The message I always got as a kid was that we run this business so we can pay for your education so you can become a professional… a doctor or a lawyer your choice… funny part about that is I wasn’t very good at academia and the schooling system did not serve me well. I was kept back in year 3, failed year 11 and dropped out of year 12.

At that point I started asking questions about why is it some people run a small business work really hard to make no money while other people they build his business empires that make multiple millions of dollars? As it turns out it’s not the industry that people go into that determines their success, it’s the mindset that they go into business with. That curiosity got me thinking, reading and learning about the difference between success and failure not only in business but in my career and in life.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill was one of my first books to read after leaving school. I was 20 years old and it started my journey of self education. Recognising that the more I learn’t the more I earned. I moved into a sales role, the beauty of which you get paid in direct proportion to the amount of productivity or sales that you deliver. It proved that the education definitely contributes to income.

I eventually took the plunge and started my coaching business. I realised that having a business that taught people how to be successful was a clever idea because, if I used everything that I taught to run my own business then I could only be successful or out of business.

20 years later, we have established a robust business coaching system that delivers proven results for hundreds of business owners. With a team of 10 coaches and full support staff, we have hundreds of clients that are working diligently on growing their businesses and lifestyle while helping build the economy.

We have established a number of programs and specialty coaching services to help the aspiring business owner to navigate the traps of building a successful business and are now scaling to help even more business owners across Australia.


The Outcomes Team has helped our clients to seek out new opportunities, to grow their business and improve their work-life balance by working less and earning more. Our coaches are experts. Not only have they run their own businesses but they have won several internationally accredited awards for their Business Coaching Programs. Speak to the team today!

David Guest

Founder & Head Coach

Rob Jagger

Business Coach

Cindy Drake

Business Coach

Ray Strongman

Business Coach

Kelly Cox

Practice Manager

Annette Guest

Office Manager


We are always on the lookout for talented people to join the Outcomes team. Find out more about our available positions and how you can become a part of something bigger.

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