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A Better State of Business

January 16, 20242 min read

A Better State of Business

Today, I want to share a proven approach to business success.

It has helped numerous organisations achieve remarkable improvements in their operations.

The strategy is all about transitioning from your current state to a future that maximises efficiency, minimises waste and sets the stage for growth. And it involves this three-step process...

A Better State of Business

Step 1: Understanding Your Current State

The first crucial step is to take a close look at your current processes. Through workshops, data collection and waste categorisation, you gain a clear picture of where time and money are being wasted.

This initial assessment identifies areas where productivity is lost and the constraints that hinder the smooth flow of your operations. It's about understanding the limitations of performance and establishing a baseline for measurement.

Step 2: Envisioning the Future State

Imagine starting from scratch, eliminating the identified problems, and setting ambitious goals. This step revolves around that.

It involves mapping out the processes in their ideal form, creating a vision of improved lead times and reduced labour requirements, not to mention increased overall efficiency.

Step 3: Incremental Progress through Implementation

The transition from the current state to the future state may seem like a monumental leap. So, it's crucial to approach it through a series of small, steady steps. Develop an implementation plan that outlines achievable milestones. Make sure it’s over a timeframe that suits your business. The important thing here is to be consistent in making an effort to improve.

To understand the process better, here’s an example:

Consider a prefab construction company that undertook this process. They reduced the time it took for a product to move through the process from 40 hours to just 2 hours. That’s a staggering 95% time reduction!

Furthermore, their labour requirements decreased by 27%, leading to a 2.5 times increase in output. This not only enhanced efficiency, but also resulted in a profit increase of nearly a million per annum!

If you want to see similar or even better results, just follow the three-step plan I outlined above.

Remember, significant improvement takes time.

But with consistent effort, I have no doubts that you will soon gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

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