Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions2019-04-12T18:08:19+00:00

Choosing a Business Coach is a game changing decision. Here’s some of the most important questions you need to ask.

What is the best way to grow my business?2019-04-03T21:29:30+00:00

Growing a business can be measured in so many ways… It could be profitability, revenue, market share, number of clients, and so many other things.

A business is really a means to an end, a way of the owner expressing their inner desires to the world.

So the first thing that needs to be established, is what are the owners personal goals and objectives. We can then create a business that fulfills these objectives.

If a business owner is looking for lifestyle, the business will be totally different to a business build to create profit.

So the best way to grow your business is to first get clarity on your personal goals. You can download a copy of the personal goal generator here. Then design a business that will fulfil those goals.

With clear objectives, growing a business becomes much easier. We can now focus on building a system that is scalable and allows the owner to either increase profitability, or create a lifestyle business.

By definition, a business is a commercial, profitable, enterprise, that runs without you.

There are 8 steps to creating a successful business, each one will take you further towards a business that doesn’t depend on the owner.

Step 1 is to establish goals. Setting 10 year, 5 year, 3 year and 1 year goals is one of the most important steps in creating a successful business.

Step 2 is to establish an effective time management routine. This cannot be done without having clear and concise goals.

Step 3 is to make sure you have clarity around financials and key performance indicators in the business. A dashboard to monitor all aspects of the business.

Step 4 is to focus on delivering a superior service. This is to ensure you maximise retention and referrals. This also ensures that you optimise your return on investment on marketing.

Step 5 is to build a marketing plan that provides a consistent flow of leads to the business and allows you to monitor the acquisition cost per client.

Step 6 is to start building systems to allow scaling of the business and it workflows. This step is critical to enable you to employ the right people and ensure they are doing their job.

Step 7 is build your team of high performing employees that are able to deliver the product or services of your business with consistency and quality.

Step 8 is to create synergy where the team are now contributing ideas and innovation that means the business is building itself.

Once you have tackled each one of these steps, you will start to build momentum and be able to move into other markets, franchising or diversification. This is where the big game of business is played, and we start to see some real profits.

Is Business Coaching For Me?2019-04-03T21:03:05+00:00

The question of will business coaching work for me or my business is tricky to answer… you see, a business coach needs to assess the business and the owners capacity to take it to the next level.

Based on that assessment, a program needs to be created that aligns the personality type of the owner with the pace and workload required to build the business.

None of this can be accomplished until the coach sits down with the owner and define what it is the owner really wants. This can be a painstaking process of questions and digging to understand the motives an constraints that are peculiar to each individual.

A coaching clients needs to …

  • Be Open and Honest in their communications
  • Be willing to change things
  • Be willing to make mistakes
  • Be willing to get uncomfortable
  • Be open to hearing the brutal truth about them and their business

Business Coaching is not for everyone.

If you are happy with how your business is right now, or don’t like being accountable, or are just happy to work things out as part of your personal growth, you may be better investing your money in other things…

On the other hand, if you are sick and tired of hitting the wall, not making progress, or just need a sounding board, then having a business coach could be one of the best business decisions you’ll ever make!

How does a business coach get results?2018-12-17T10:43:14+00:00

Getting results is the only reason to engage a coach. Whether it’s increasing profitability, reducing stress, or getting you back on track, your business coach needs to be absolutely accountable to a result.

How does coaching work?2018-12-17T10:42:24+00:00

Having a business coach is a bit like having a personal trainer, our job is to understand your objectives, review your current strategy, adjust your plan to take advantage of Strengths and Opportunities, while closing up the gaps that are holding you back.

Once we have a plan, coaching sessions are like pit stops to check your progress, adjust the strategy, and get you re-focussed on building the business.

What does a business coach actually do?2018-12-17T10:41:22+00:00

I often get a glazed look from people when it comes to what a business coach actually does.

The simplest way to explain it is…

Having a business coach is like having a personal trainer… Someone who sits on the sideline and watches your game, identifies where you can tweak your performance, and helps you isolate, identify and develop the critical skills need to improve both your personal effectiveness and the performance of your business.

Coaching combines these 4 primary components…

  1. Motivation – Creating momentum by inspiring the coachee to pursue their goals with vigor. This is done by gaining a deeper understanding of the individual and what drives them. Aligning the coachee’s personal and business goals is the critical first step in getting lasting change.
  2. Education – Teaching the coachee business skills that will help them manage and build their business is a core foundation to successful coaching. This includes marketing, sales, financial, planning, management and leadership skills.
  3. Accountability – Having someone holding you to account is a critical component of the business coaching process. The coach does this by providing a consistent framework with a working business plan and regular reporting to hold the business owner accountable to an outside party.
  4. Breakthrough – When education and accountability are combined in the right proportions, pressure is applied to the coachee to grow. This pressure applied in the right way will cause growth and permanent change in the coachee.

The primary role of the business coach is to orchestrate personal and business growth by strategically combining the above ingredients. The results can be measured directly through achievement of these goals and profitability of the business.

Why do I need a business coach?2018-12-17T10:02:43+00:00

Professional athelete’s recognise the value of having a coach to take them from good to great. Professional business owners realise that even though they might be running a successful business, the difference between good and great is almost invisible to the owner. Having an outsider perspective that is not in the game will give you insights into your business performance that you just cannot get internally.


We are always on the look out for partners who are amazing at what they do and are looking for opportunities to expand their clientele.

Get in contact today to find out what opportunities are available for our partners and discover if we are a good fit.


Runaway Cupcakes Are On Their Way To Massive Growth

Jet and Lucy, the owners of Runaway Cupcakes, didn’t see much of a future in simply going through the motions running a small shop. Through coaching around implementing business systems and structures they have realized that even the smallest shops have the potential to become big companies and have put the building blocks for exponential growth in place. With a rejuvenated mindset, Jet and Lucy have a much more positive outlook on their business and where it is going.


Jet Shao & Lucy Lucy Lui

How Andrew Marmont Turned A Business Dependent On Him Into One That Runs Without Him

Andrew Marmont is a content writer and runs Conqurve Content Marketing. He knew he needed business knowledge to be able to leverage his skills as a writer into a business that goes beyond himself. Andrew’s coach helped him gain a vision of where the business should be and turned this vision into offerings that go beyond just himself. Andrew has grown the business into one that can run without him and was able to go on holiday and be away from his business as it continued to thrive.


Professional Residential: Leveraging Productivity For Business Success

Michael runs professional residential, a boutique residential building firm. Michael had been trying to run the entire business, both in the office and on the building site. Michael’s coach helped him to identify different roles and employ team members to fill those roles, so Michael can focus on the most productive use of his time. In the last 12 months, revenue has increased by 20% and Michael has the confidence in his team to be able to leave work and spend more time with his family. 


For Resolve Image Solutions, All Signs Point To Business Growth

Sean Kelly runs a Resolve Image Solutions, a signage company. He started the business from scratch and soon realized he needed a coach to help grow and take the business to the next level. In the two years since the company has doubled in size and tripled in staff. Sean has also improved his work-life balance and now works fewer hours while his team continues to grow the business.


DreamCube Production’s Reinvigorated Business Dream

DreamCube productions specialize in producing marketing videos. Founder Chris Wilkie realized that he needed to learn the fundamentals of business strategy in order to grow his business and realize the dream of having the freedom that comes with being self-employed. In the three years that Chris has been working with Outcomes, his business grew 250% in the first year, another 80% in the second year, and another 110% in the third year, growth that has come off the back of increased confidence in his business knowledge and skills in areas such as sales and building systems.


BodyRight Healthcare’s Business Growth Story

Mark Schneider owns BodyRight Healthcare, who provide allied health solutions for the aged care, community care, and disability sectors. Having been a sole trader working from home for some years, Mark made the decision that he wanted to stop being a ‘workhorse’ and grow his business beyond just him, which led him to a coaching program. Mark has been able to expand his business and moved into an office. His coach has given him a thorough understanding of the key inner workings of the business, knowledge that acts as a platform for growth.


Mark Schneider

Malusen Flats turn hay making into money making…

Eldon and Barb run a hay making business in Northern Victoria. Working up to 24 hours a day at times they started to feel a little bit overwhelmed. They wanted to grow and weren’t sure how.Their coach made them look at numbers and made them more accountable. That gave them the courage to employ and start to take control of the business instead of just letting things roll on. In 18 months they have doubled their income.


Eldon & Barb Fischer

Ignite Bollywood Dance Company plans their success

Jag took part in a series of workshops before signing up as a permanent member of the group coaching program (Think Tank). This is what she had to say after her first 90 Day Planning Workshop.


Jagriti Bhatia
Ignite Bollywood Dance Company

Beacon Solar learns to sell

Andrew took part in “The Sales Blueprint”; a sales training workshop series that ran over 8 weeks. The program teaches sales process, techniques, communication styles and behavioural profiling. Watch the video to hear his story.


Andrew Wilson
Beacon Solar

National IT gets Best Customer Service Results award

Alex was the winner of “Best Customer Service Results” at the Business Excellence Awards in 2013. He implemented all the strategies David Guest gave him and it set him up for massive growth in his industry. Watch the video to hear his story.


Alex Butera
National IT

Law to Your Door mines the business coaching network

Danielle Romain started Think Tank (group coaching) early on in the development of her business. She found that approximately 90% of all her work was as a direct result of working with her coach in the group setting.


Danielle Romaine
Law to Your Door

Boo Radley maximise the value of their business

Boo Radley is a Boutique Fashion Label that was founded in 2015. When the company’s growth began to plateau, they went in search of new marketing avenues and decided to work with one of our coaches. When they started the company, they were worth $2 million, now they are worth $10 million. Watch the video to hear their story.


David Sibel
Boo Radley

Associated Printers grow in a contracting market through innovation

Therese & Eddie Ereira own Associated Printers and manage a team of print specialists who provide premium print solutions to large and small businesses a like. Since working with Outcomes Business Group, they have increased their monthly revenue by 250% and completely changed the way they run their business. Watch the video to hear their story.


Eddie & Therese Ereira
Associated Printers Pty. Ltd

Machines4U grows 600% in 2 years!

Machines4U was founded in 2006 in the back end of a bedroom. As the business started to grow, they worked with other coaches in small bursts but weren’t getting any traction and got stuck in a rut.

Once started with one of our coaches David Guest, the business grew dramatically in the space of 24 months with a 600% growth in revenue. The back end of a bedroom became a 320 Square Meter Office and the team grew accordingly.


Luke Bruce

Cornerstone Business Solutions benefits from creating business systems

David Warne, founded Cornerstone Business Solutions in 2015. Once beginning coaching, David expected his business to go onwards and upwards straight away but instead along with the help of his Coach they took a step back and rebuilt the foundations, rebuilt his message, got clear on how they differ from everyone else, and set some major goals. David says that everything changed after that process. They now have sales processes and marketing processes in place as well as a more structured approach for his staff and sees changes in the way he manages.

David’s next plans within the business are for him to move out of a sales position, to free up more time to grow himself from being a small-medium business owner to a great CEO that can really make a big difference. He has big plans to expand his office space and employ more staff.



David Warne
Cornerstone Business Solutions

Think Training achieves a whopping 647% increase in profit

“I want to let you know how much I appreciate all you have done for me over the past year. Being part of your coaching program has been a great support and given me the tools I needed to make real changes in my business. It was great to network with other business owners who have the same concerns and issues. Also regular coaching and workshops means if you don’t get it the first time you can keep going until you do get it!

This financial quarter my business turned over 120k more than the same quarter last year with a 171% increase. The gross profit for the quarter was up 93k with a 223% increase! Net profits for the quarter were up 77k with a 647% increase!

Our sales went from 50k every quarter to 50k every month for 7 months in a row.I would have achieved these results much quicker if I had just listened to you more and implemented faster.The best part of it all was not the money but the personal growth, I am now more confident and feel like I run my business instead of it running me.

Thanks for everything, I could not have done it without you and the team…”

Jason Hall
Think Training

Australian Waste Management have a massive breakthrough


“David has taken business coaching to an entirely new level. Out of the box innovation and ideas, simple “why didn’t i think of that” ideas and methods that just work.

David keeps you focused on whats important and remaining above the line. At first it’s hard to realize and understand the methodology, but over time it becomes more apparent. The reticular activating system and you get what you deserve are two of my favorite’s from his arsenal.Working with David has been an enlightening experience and he has changed my life unmistakably. I am now so driven to learn and understand as much as possible and apply the knowledge and experience of some very wise people to improving my life and the lives of those around me.

Its hard not to preach about the things David has shared with me. Kaizen, Test and Measure, To know and not to do is to not know, The only failure is the failure to participate, Mistakes are lessons not mistakes if you learn something from them, Dreams are just goals without plans, You are only limited by what you believe is possible… I could go on forever…Thanks David, you have changed my life!”

Aaron Parsons
Australian Waste Management

Andave Shopfitting create structure for growth


Our business and lives have taken a great step forward. We are focussed on present and future performance, have longer term goals and now know that it’s ok to be rich!

The coaching program has been the best things to happen to this business. The structure that is now in place is working very well and the future is looking pretty exciting.”

Dave Byrnes
Andave Shopfitting Pty. Ltd.

Adapt Essential Services owner gets his life back


Through coaching I learnt about the group interview process which has reduced recruitment of any team member to 4 hours.

Showing me that there is more opportunity without having to work harder made me realise that the one thing that was really missing was my ability to run the business without actually being there.

I am spending more time with my wife & kids. Now business is much more fun and much less work.


Thanks again,

Peter Hartmann

Adapt Essential Services, Dandenong

How Mick from PMT Security retired early…

Our business was on a treadmill. Before Action arrived, we were putting in long hours and going nowhere despite all our good intentions.

In only 6 months you have guided us to better productivity, to creating more leads, and I know that the Old Man is enjoying his 6 day weekends!


Notebooks R Us gets a kick out of performance management

We have seen major increases in profitability and customer satisfaction…

Creating a sales and marketing system means that we can now tell in an instant exactly how our marketing is working and pinpoint each team members performance.

Robert O’Neill
Notebooks R Us – Dandenong, StKilda, Collingwood
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