You know that as a leader of your business or corporate department the pressure is on you to inspire and engage your team, no matter how you’re feeling on the day. Tough sometimes isn’t it? Recently, I was reminded that a small effort at the start of the day can make your whole day go so much better!

To those that have visited Noosa heads in Queensland you’ll understand the description of a “Noosa morning.” Clear blue skies, a gentle breeze, almost still, and a feeling that the start of the day couldn’t get much better. The best was yet to come, I’d put my alarm on for half an hour earlier than normal as I’d been sleeping badly and knew that if I was going to be on my “A game” for clients, I needed to go for an early walk to clear my head and a coffee before my first appointment at 8am.

The air was brisk but perfect for an up tempo walk; my headphones were playing a YouTube Premium mix that started with Dire Straits’ “Money for nothing” and I thought how appropriate the song was for the reward I was experiencing in return for the little effort of getting out of bed early. The latte was strong, and I treated myself to a cherry and white chocolate muffin that had come out of the cafe’s oven only 3 minutes prior. During these “Covid times” I couldn’t help but think how these small indulgences seemed to be so significant in raising my demeanour. “In fact,” I thought, “I really do feel such a Positive Mental Attitude (P. M. A) right now!”

Having struggled with S.A.D (Seasonally Affective Disorder) for as long as I can remember, the solution had been the winter pilgrimage to Noosa to soak up some Vitamin D, reduce the stress levels and recharge the batteries till spring arrived. Covid 19 put an end to that idea! The desire to be in a positive head space has been more needed than ever, so when this option has been taken away it’s even more important to think of ways to get you in a positive mindset right from the start of every day.

My return home and the end of my walk was getting close, but a thought was nagging at me, wanting me to remember a time when I’d been feeling immense pressure and dealt with it. Sadly, it was a time when I was going through a relationship breakup and my heart was through the floor. As with every business owner, I carried the responsibility for the livelihoods of my team and at that time it was 24 staff. Besides their livelihoods, I also needed to provide leadership, guidance, structure and security.

In these times every leader needs someone to have their back, in my case my General Manager did everything he could to take the load, plus having the support of my mentors and closest friends.

If you feel that a coffee and a muffin and a bright sunny day is not enough to support you in your business right now, reach out to us at Outcomes Business Group. Join our ADAPTABLE Business Community and meet forward thinking business owners that share the journey and understand what you’re experiencing.

Never know, sometime soon we may even get to share a muffin and a coffee in person but for now, a Zoom coffee will have to suffice!