David was going backwards and had to reduce his team, but with the right advice managed to take his business from 3.5 to 7 million in a few years, but more importantly, he did this while maintaining his lifestyle.

David wasn’t proactive with his marketing or conscious of his brand and website which he attributes to the business struggles that he encountered in 2015. David said “The Business was losing dollars and I was down in the dumps”; he almost shut down the business but his wife encouraged him to connect with a business coach. David found Outcomes Business Group.

Since beginning coaching the changes David has made to DDB Designs are endless, one of the biggest changes for David is his website which had aged and had no content, he now has a new website where he writes and publishes content that’s helpful for his clients. He says he is “More mindful of what I’m doing in terms of working on the business” and has improved his time management skills immensely, previously he had no time out and worked 100% of his time in the business, he now aims to reduce this to only work 50% of the time in the business and the other time writing and systemizing.

David admits that he has found it difficult to turn his business around; however, in the last couple of months he has starting to see growth and sees potential for significant growth (around 30%).

David says that “Knowledge is easy to get but putting it into action is the hard part…and that’s exactly why you need a coach.”