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Rob Jagger

Business Coach, Exit Strategist
I bring value to businesses, as I believe every business has the potential to be a valuable asset that exists beyond the owner. No matter what kind of business you have, and what stage of your life in business you’re in, it pays to maximise the value of your business.
As a certified Business Exit Planner I want to make sure that business owners get what they put into their business. After all, you’ve put everything into your business over the years, so you deserve to get all that back and more!

Adding Value To The Business Journey

In the next 10 years, 50% of businesses will transition to the next generation of business owners, however startling is that 80% of those businesses will close.

Why will these businesses close? Because the business has not been turned into an asset that can survive without its original owners.

But what about businesses that can? If you look at the statistics, you’re an outlier! You’re in the best bargaining position to get the highest possible price for your business.

Even if you have no plans to leave your business just yet, the benefits of having a business that could sell are still immense, think about being able to go on holiday whenever you want and have your business be able to run and make you money without you being there! Every business owner would love that flexibility, and every business owner has the potential to live like that, so let’s work together to build your business into a valuable asset.

My extensive experience with selling businesses as a business exit strategist has also given me expertise on buying a business, so if you’re looking for a new investment and career I can help you put the fundamentals in place to make the best value purchase and hit the ground running.

My Background

Meet Rob

One of the most life changing experiences for me occurred in the mid-80s through travel.

After working and traveling in Europe for a couple of years. as a receptionist in a hotel and a porter in a hospital, I decided it was time to return back down under, initially, I thought that I would just fly back from Europe, with a maybe a stopover in India and Bali. But then upon reflection, I decided I wasn’t in any great hurry, and I had a limited budget, so I chose to do the overland trip from Europe to Australia. This involved using the local public transport to travel country to country and make my way home. In the end, 18 months later, I arrived in Melbourne. One of the key learnings for me is that you need the help from others to travel, as you are the stranger, and people are good and they will go out of their way to help someone from a strange land.

I have a background working in high-level business strategy at Foster’s for 20 years.

I also was in charge of a manufacturing facility where I built and motivated an exceptional team, so I’m comfortable working in both blue and white collar environments!

My Qualifications:
The More You Know, The More You Grow

For me, learning is a lifetime experience, as there is always more to learn. In fact, I tell my daughters that I’ve spent more years in tertiary education than they will spend in primary and secondary education combined!

  • Bachelor Of Science (Computing)
  • Graduate Diploma In Management Systems
  • Certified Exit Strategist
  • MBA From Australian Graduate School of Management



Hear from some of my past clients and be inspired to make a change in your business today!

Sean Kelly runs a Resolve Image Solutions, a signage company. He started the business from scratch and soon realized he needed a coach to help grow and take the business to the next level. In the two years since the company has doubled in size and tripled in staff. Sean has also improved his work-life balance and now works fewer hours while his team continues to grow the business.

Andrew Marmont is a content writer and runs Conqurve Content Marketing. He knew he needed business knowledge to be able to leverage his skills as a writer into a business that goes beyond himself. Andrew’s coach helped him gain a vision of where the business should be and turned this vision into offerings that go beyond just himself. Andrew has grown the business into one that can run without him and was able to go on holiday and be away from his business as it continued to thrive.

Get In Contact

I’d love to hear from you and find out how we can work together to grow your business.

Book A Chat With Rob
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