In business we get the people we deserve! This is a harsh but brutally true statement that will empower you to create a business that attracts high calibre employees. By creating an attractive business, you get to choose your employees rather than them choosing to work with you.

In this system you will develop a series of steps to de-select candidates rather than having to choose. It will take some time and thought. Keep in mind that recruiting and paying wages is the most expensive thing you will do in business, so investing time building a system to optimise your recruiting will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Most people hire fast and fire slow, it should be the other way around. By following this process, we will invest the time creating a great system so you can reap the benefits of a great team.

Welcome to the Team Recruitment System. . In the system you will find the basic framework with examples of the innovative team recruitment process that we use.

By working together to adapt this system to your business, you will learn how to minimise the time used in employing great team members and ensure you screen applicants for the right reasons.

Please review all the attached documents and make any relevant notes, then we can build and implement your recruitment process as part of your business system.


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