Here is What Others Had to Say About Lex Tannenbaum…

Cathi Lewis & Iris Breuer
Insight Publications, Victoria

It might sound cliched, but Lex Tannenbaum has fundamentally transformed our business! Or maybe we should say, he has helped us to transform the way we operate in the business, how we think about business. He’s a true coach in the very best sense of the word. He continually pushes and demands from us the ultimate effort but is always ready with words of encouragement and do-able strategies that point us in the right direction without taking away our ownership of the process. His advice, wisdom and natural warmth, spiced with a great sense of humour, make our weekly sessions something we look forward to, knowing that they will be valuable and enjoyable – pretty impressive for the
end of a busy day and week!

No-one should start a business without a Lex!

Anthony Richards
Hunter & Richards, Victoria

Being able to brainstorm with someone I can trust and who has a wealth of experience to provide guidance and advice is important to me. Lex has the knowledge and history to back up his qualifications and he has real experience to share. His core service offering is great. We trust Lex and the quality of service he provides and we feel he is genuinely concerned and interested to know about how we are doing, both in business and personally.

Anne Little
Resurgence, Victoria

Lex’s experience in business enables him to really understand people’s issues in business even though the people are not the same, the issues usually are. Lex has really helped our business, our focus and what’s important. He’s helped through the hard times in constructive and encouraging ways. I really like the goals clarification process he helps us do – both for business and us personally and the fact that he follows it up. It’s about walking the walk and talking the talk. We really respect Lex and value his advice. We use Lex and not someone else because of our relationship, the trust we have in him and we value his advice. Lex is very experienced, approachable, listens well and would be able to help anyone’s business. We feel Lex really cares about our success and he demonstrates it. He helps us to make informed choices and decisions for ourselves. It’s an empowering relationship.

Paul Harris
Apply IT Training, Victoria

I trust Lex Tannenbaum with the intimate knowledge and details with my business. Lex has taken me from not knowing where I was going to having clear steps in just 6 months. My business management has improved considerably. He is able to address any issues I’ve had. The process Lex has taken me through has opened my eyes to the steps involved in growing and developing my business. The most appealing aspect of Lex’s work with me is the way he directs the sessions we have to address the personal and professional needs I have. Lex makes me address confronting issues and he holds me accountable. I hate that but I know it’s essential for me to grow my business. It’s what I know I need most of all and I don’t want him to stop it!  I was uncertain about in which direction I should head and Lex is able to provide the support and guidance to enable me to make good decisions and choices. He listens to the specific needs I have, the issues I face and tailors the sessions to address these. Lex brings to bear a wealth of business experience and I can trust him. He holds me accountable and I think he genuinely wants to see me and my business succeed. In recommending Lex I’d say he has the flexibility to adapt to suit different business environments and to suit individual needs

Glenn O’Connell
SG Printing, Victoria

Lex opened my mind up to new possibilities which I’d been unaware of before. He’s straight to the point. He reinforces common sense and when he talks about things he uses real things and situations so they’re applicable to me. He was always approachable, available and willing to help and I felt my needs were always met. I felt comfortable because he came over in a trustworthy manner and was professional in his approach. Lex will always answer the hard questions honestly. He’ll put forward a sensible solution for you to work with and he won’t just say what you want to hear. He’ll help you maintain focus and he’s trustworthy and reliable. Lex is a great bloke, easy to communicate with and talk to. He was really helpful to me and I will use him again in the future.

Maurice Esposito
Esposito at Toofeys, Victoria

I can see the result of working on the business is returning stability and now after just 9 months of working with Lex Tannenbaum and the Action Coach system we’ve grown 60% and we’re looking to grow into larger premises! This is especially significant given the economic climate. One of the important things Lex has taught me is about “Living above the Line”. It’s a positive attitude that helps you see that even in bad times you can learn to redefine the strategies to grow your business and we have. Last week we grew 100% compared to the same time last year when we were 100% down on a weekly basis! I’m still deriving a huge amount of pleasure out of what I do. I still love to cook after 21 years and I still do cook!

Lex and his programme have given me the tools to grow the business in the way I want. The great thing about Lex is he doesn’t make you do something; he gives you the tools himself and helps you implement the strategies. I know a lot about business things now because of Lex. It’s a great thing about the coaching process – you gain the experience and ability to do the work on the business – like the marketing for example.

Gideon Gunn & David McConville
Gunn & McConville Pharmacy, Victoria

As business partners we were both impressed from the first time we met Lex. We were offered an obligation free hour to discuss how satisfied we were with our business and our own work life/ balance.  We felt very comfortable chatting with him and found him to be very open, honest and personable.  He wasn’t afraid to give his honest analysis of where we were at.  We knew we needed to hear it but Lex delivered the challenging stuff we had to face in a very professional way.  There were parts of the business we were dissatisfied with and Lex felt he could give us the tools to fix it ourselves.  There was no pressure and it was a very effective way for us to see the benefits.   Lex has a better than average grasp on the pharmacy business and this was another one of the clinchers for us.

We’re glad we made the decision to go with Lex because it allowed us to make goals and structure the business in a way that was less stressful for ourselves and also for our staff.  Coaching allowed both of us the formal time and the structure to focus on the business.  It’s also a great forum to raise some of the difficult issues which can be confronting for just the two of us trying to work things out.

Lex has extraordinary experience in business – especially big business and to be able to draw on that is a big advantage for us.

We would definitely recommend Lex.  He is supportive, very astute and is the perfect person to sit down and talk with about the direction you want to head and he will keep you on track to get there.  He looks after us as individual people too and nothing is done at the expense of personal balance.

We are able to quantify the effects and results of having worked with Lex as the figures show improvement in all areas with approximately a 10% growth in sales and profit.  We can attribute a significant amount of this directly to our work with Lex.  He’s given us the smarts to grow without fear of loss of quality of life.  The first thing Lex did was structure our organisation to free us up to work on the business.

If you don’t want to grow, don’t bother getting Lex as your coach because if you do, growth is unavoidable.