Friday 23rd August, 2019 at 12:00pm AEST

Be active on social media 10-20 times per day. 

Grow your “organic” following… and be active on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Build funnels, landing pages, make eBooks, checklists and give away your best ideas!

And I love this one… “just be authentic.”

All that just to be seen? 

Where is all that time, energy and effort really going?  Ugh…

If you’re like most business owners, you’re thinking, “I started my business so I could do something that I enjoy, not waste time blogging or building my “page likes.”

Most business owners feel confused by the amount of options they have to market their business. Each one requiring time and effort.

You’re great at what you do… have invested hours and hours of your time and thousands of dollars in creating your business, yet somehow along the way, you got railroaded into believing that creating content would generate new business. 

Let me make this very clear: complicated marketing funnels and lengthy blogs are a complete waste of time… and we’re going to show you why. 

In this webinar, Facebook Marketing expert, Phoebe Lay will share the exact strategies she teaches business owners to generate clients and make more sales without wasting hours blogging, attending every networking event they can fit in their calendar or worrying about when the next referral or google click will come through.

Phoebe and I will pull back the curtain and reveal exactly how our clients are successfully growing their businesses using social media effectively.  

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The Presenters

Phoebe Lay 

Phoebe Lay assists business owners to scale and grow their businesses using social media. Phoebe helps entrepreneurs to market themselves through having a systemised marketing strategy whilst growing their online presence.

Phoebe assists with building brand awareness and helping people to penetrate the market through all social media platforms, in particular, Facebook marketing.

Phoebe Lay started with a background of online sales through her social enterprise Matcha Sisters. Brand awareness through Instagram enabled her first business to scale and donate towards anti-human trafficking organisations before she started her own social media agency Thrive and Shine Co.™️

David Guest

David Guest is an award winning, internationally recognised business coach. He has been helping small and medium business owners achieve their business dreams for over 19 years. His passion is using market innovation to stimulate massive growth.

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