Live virtual event: 
1 - July - 2021, 9am to 11am
How to accelerate innovation and growth in your small business in the new financial year

Meet the presenters:


LJ Shannan
How to grow your business with a reasonable marketing budget
Co-Founder & CEO - MobiWeb
Madonna Melrose
How to find the right funding for growth

Grant Funding Director - Melrose International
George Mirabelli
How to cover the cost of new product development

Director - SoftLogic Solutions
About The Event
At this exclusive Live Virtual Event you'll be able to kickstart your new financial year with a plan for stronger profits.

You can increase sales (regardless of lockdown restrictions), develop new products/services, find new markets, and even get ideas you can apply immediately!

Heck, you may even discover methods for growth you'd never considered!

In fact, here's just a sample of what you can expect at this exclusive Live Virtual Event:

* Tangible Tactics To Help You Grow Your Business In 2021/22 FY...
* Get You More Clients Fast...
* Discover The Easiest Way To Fund Expansion...
* You'll save a ton of time by seeing how others are doing it...
* Discover the easiest way to fund the development of new products...
... and much, MUCH More!

Don't miss this exclusive Live Virtual Event where you can build your business and fund the growth.
Accelerate innovation and growth in your small business in the new financial year
Don't miss out on this event. It could mean the difference between another financial year of struggling to make a dollar or put you on the path to an easier, more productive 2022 FY.

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