Getting good employees is one of the best moves a business owner can make.

…But it doesn’t end there.

You see, hiring good people is one thing. 

And making sure they’re the right fit for your business in the long term is another.

Now, when we hire people, there’s usually a standardised 12-month probationary period.

But personally, I never wait until the end of that period to decide whether a person fits my business.

In fact, I usually assess a person during the first few weeks. It’s because employees are usually able to show their skills in that period.

And to assess them, I use what I call the Competencies Checklist.

By this, I mean I have a list of things that a new employee needs to show me in the first 3 months.

For example, let’s say I hire a new marketing manager.

The first thing they have to show me is that they are capable of creating a marketing campaign.

After that, they need to show that they can implement the marketing piece they’ve created.

Aside from those, they should also show that they have an understanding of my market.

Those are just some of the things I expect from a marketing manager. And those are on my competencies checklist.

If they tick all the boxes, I know they’re the right fit.

Finding the Right Fit From the Get-Go

When dealing with a new hire, you must always have your own checklist of competencies that they need to show. 

Then, you have to decide their order of demonstration.

What do I mean?

For example, if the competency you need to see happens only once every quarter, the chances of them demonstrating it immediately are low. So, prioritise the competencies they can quickly show you.

Once you have your list of those competencies, you should then include them in the job description. This is so that only the people with the proper skills actually apply for the job.

Ultimately, you should always give your new hires a clear picture of what you expect from them from the beginning.

Only then can you get and keep employees that fit your business best.