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If you want to learn more about how to build a thriving consultancy practice that works without you, head to Business Flightpath

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Cracking The Code

In this episode, Greg Roworth from Business Flightpath talks about helping clients build a business that’s working more effectively for them.

So if you have a business dependent on you for survival and want to make some changes, tune in now!

About Our Guest

Greg Roworth is the Founder and Director of Business Flightpath, a company that helps business owners of management consultancy businesses build a thriving, professional practice that they could sell.

Greg is a successful entrepreneur, having started a business in the irrigation industry in 1978 and run it for 12 years, before selling it to enter the business advisory field. Over these years, Greg developed a proprietary business development system which achieved major breakthroughs for every business owner who used the system, helping them to greatly increase profits and increase their personal freedom from their businesses.

These strategies have now been refined and distilled into the books, Cracking the Code and Run Your Business on Autopilot and are used in the new Business Flightpath programs.

Learn more about how to build a thriving consultancy practice that works without you by heading to Business Flightpath

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