If you want to learn more about how to align your business goals with a charity to build win-win outcomes, including growth for your business, then get in touch with Kirrily by going to www.dovetailsocialenterprises.com.au

Giving to Grow

In this episode, Kirrily Graham and I discuss how giving back to the community can actually help you grow your business.

So if you want to give back to the community in a way that won’t send you broke, learn how to strategically partner with charities to have a bigger impact on them and your business, and find out where to go to make it happen so you can how to support the community and achieve your business goals together, tune in now!

About Our Guest

Kirrily brings her combined experience of working in hospitality, business development, training and development as well as her voluntary and paid work in the charity sector to work across both sectors of social change makers and small to medium businesses. Kirrily is passionate about enabling both to make a measurable impact and creating greater social change in the world.

More Information

Learn more about how you can strategically connect with local charities to support the community and grow your business by heading to: www.dovetailsocialenterprises.com.au

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