We are all experiencing so many challenges right now that can help us build resilience and learn to cope with challenges better in the future. Locked in our homes, homeschooling our children, working from home, continuing to organise and live from your home, all whilst trying our best to maintain healthy relationships with friends and family virtually instead of socialising in person… It sounds like the reality TV show Big Brother has become a reality for us all. I bet no one predicted this is how 2020 would be!

We are now months into this reality, still trying to cope and get through this challenge and to minimise the spread of the virus. There are some tools to support us during this time to keep us mentally and physically performing at our peak. Challenges (like this one) help us build resilience which is a life skill worth investing in for today and your future. 

Resilience is about the ability to cope, adapt and bounce back when our lives don’t turn out the way we planned. Those who practice resilience don’t dwell on the pity of what’s not working, they acknowledge what is going on, figure out ways to make it work and move forward.

How we view stressful or challenging moments will strongly affect how we succeed. Are we being pessimistic about these situations or are we being optimistic? You know the saying, glass half empty or glass half full…

There are 3 essential elements to being resilient:

  • Our perspective – How do we view the situations, do we view the change/difficulty as a challenge that we can overcome or do we feel paralysed? Can we call on lessons from past experiences? Can we acknowledge that this challenge provides us opportunities for growth? Optimistic people don’t view changes as a negative reflection on their abilities or self-worth, they find ways to get through it and your perspective on the situation will change your mindset on how you deal with it.
  • What’s in your control? Resilient people will focus on the things they can change not the things they can’t change. You get the best returns by focusing your efforts into the change you do have control over. If you spend your time focusing on the things you can’t control it can be highly stressful. Focus your efforts where you do have control.  
  • Commitment – Resilient people are committed to their lives and their goals. They have a compelling reason to get out of bed in the morning. They are committed to their business plans and strategies, they are committed to their family, they are committed to their happiness and health goals. 

Are you really clear about the kind of life you really want? Are you really chipping away at your life goals or are you just floating around being busy for the sake of it. Now is the time to build resilience. Find your purpose and how you contribute to the world. Get your own meaning in life and be proud of the life you are creating instead of blaming everyone else for things not working out as you thought they needed to happen in your head.

Make sure you…

  • Can see a positive future for yourself and seek guidance from an expert if you need clarity. Own your future. 
  • Keep that positive future as a vision board so you see it daily and keep a healthy perspective of your future on a daily basis.
  • Set personal goals, business goals, family goals, financial goals that you can achieve but will also keep you moving forward towards those goals. 
  • Focus on the future, you can’t change the past.
  • Be empathetic and kind to yourself and others – it’s really important to keep healthy relationships during changing times. People you can challenge and debate your ideas to give you a good reality check, instead of focusing on the negatives they mention focus on the clarity the conversation gives you. 
  • Are always learning, it is essential in life to keep growing, when you grow you feel alive. Keep learning new topics or skills that enhance your journey. Creative learning is a way to enjoy life and see the world differently.  
  • Practice self care. A healthy sleep habit is an essential. Exercise and eat healthy so you feel energised and ready to face any challenge that comes your way.
  • Have a support team around you that helps you thrive and doesn’t drag you down. Have 5 people around you that you look up for various reasons and help you see a positive way forward.  

Resilience is the capability to bounce back up on your feet when things don’t work out like you planned. Make sure you focus on the present moment, work on areas you can control and stay committed to making your goals a reality. When you stop focusing on your life goals it’s easy to become a victim to someone else’s journey.  

If you need support to be more resilient or guidance on your journey, reach out for a chat about strategies to move you forward in life.