The current economic climate can seem challenging and throw people off their game, but in reality, your wealth creation is almost unrelated to the economic climate!

What I mean is that people earn what they’re worth, that is totally in your control and not dictated by external factors.

If you look at the results you are producing right now, they are a reflection of who you are and what you are doing. In fact, they are inextricably linked. What that means is that if you work on changing yourself, your world will change.

So how does someone go about changing their circumstances? Start by recognising that “It’s not the wind that blows… It’s how you set the sail.” meaning that you can adapt to the changing conditions and not only navigate the storm, but use it to propel you and your business forward.

This all starts by asking better questions. One of my favourites is “How can I make [insert challenge here] the best thing that ever happened to me?” You see, asking empowering questions leads us to find empowering answers.

The second thing to do is nurture your mind through positive education. There are so many channels available that we can absorb great information through. The trick is to make a discipline of feeding your mind on a regular diet of inspiring, motivating information. Some of my favourite authors include Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Tim Ferris, Brian Tracey and Jim Rohn, but there are literally hundreds of thought leaders that can help you get inspired.

The third is to change your routine. Look for ways to create space in your day for..

  • Learning
  • Meditation
  • Family
  • Exercise
  • Whatever is important to you… 

By changing who you are through personal growth, you can change what you do on a daily basis which in turn will change the results you’re getting. This simple but effective formula will forge a path for your perpetual growth as a business owner, and contributor to society. Don’t let the negative news and hype get you down, build a force field around your mind to both protect you and propel you forward.