Crazy statement for a business coach to claim, right?

Sounds like I’m avoiding accountability and going on a” deep and meaningful” rant that lets me avoid the scorecard that tells you you’re on the right track, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Yesterday I walked into our office and received a warm and hearty welcome from our practice manager. It instantly picked me up and started my day on a very positive note, but I had to wonder what the reason behind this was, so I asked. The reply started with how hard the last few weeks had been, inactivity, isolation, frustration and the impact these had on her mental state. So what had changed? As soon as the decision was made to join a boot camp the change had started. Next was the completion of the first session, no matter how painful, it felt good to have endorphins in the system and the aches were all worth it! When she finished telling me about it the determination, motivation and satisfaction was emanating from her.

I recognised that look. I’ve seen it many times before in clients. She doesn’t have to wait for the tape measure, the scales or the ease of the workouts to change; she already knows that the journey has begun. So too, the business owner that feels cornered, constantly under pressure with no easy solution in sight. I see that look change when we put a plan together that they see as achievable and believable. The win is in that moment, the results will follow in time to come.