Rob Jagger

People don’t like getting taken advantage of, and if you’ve ever been involved in sales you can attest to the fact people become very cautious when they think they’re being taken for a ride. That said, so many business owners are letting their business do to them what they’d never let another person to in a million years, use them! And not only is your business taking advantage of you, your time, and your money, but this toxic relationship between business and business owner is affecting the success and value of your business.     

So, are you actually performing the duties of a business owner? Or is your business using you and forcing you to have a job running your business?

What do I mean by having a job running your business..?

Well, you probably have a job if:

  • You have to show up to work to make money. A business should generate turnover whether you’re there or not.
  • You’re so dependent on a single customer that they can dictate the way you deliver your product or service, essentially letting them run your business.
  • Your personal reputation has an impact on business. In a business, your brand is more important than any individual personalities and acts as a guide for everyone in the organization.
  • Your personal experience and ability get you results. A business has processes in place that will always deliver the desired result.  
  • You’re worried about taking too many holidays and/or spending too much time away from your business. Running a business, the more time off you’re able to take, the more valuable your business is.
  • You’re working hard for every dollar. Business owners work smart, not hard, for their money.
  • You’re solving all the problems that come up in the day-to-day operations of the business. In a business, your employees should be solving these problems.
  • Most of your customers know your mobile number.

While there are many metrics that can give an indication of how successful your business is, ultimately it comes down to one simple question: Would someone want to buy your business? Whether you’re thinking about selling in the next year or decades from now, as a business owner it’s imperative you spend time building your company into an asset somebody would see great value in purchasing, and that means building a business that’s not solely reliant on you in a way no business should be.

If you’re letting running your business become a job, it’s unlikely someone would want to buy it. Would you want to fork out a large sum of money to get a job? The first step in making your business a valuable asset is to ensure you’re a business owner, and not simply working for your business. Ready to quit your job, stop being a slave to your business and become the business owner you thought you would be? Book a chat with Rob Jagger today.