Serena Williams has one.

So does Tiger Woods. Even Tony Robbins has one.

I’m talking about coaches.

Just as the world’s best athletes have coaches to help them achieve the best results in their role, business owners can benefit from the insight and experience of a business coach.

Regardless of whether you are a little lost in your business direction, seek better results, need some advice, or simply want to make sure you’re doing the best you can… a business coaching program can help you optimise your journey to your business goals. Sure, there are plenty of online articles (like this one!), resources and information that can help you with all sorts of business issues. But at the end of the day, every business is different. Business owners face a slew of challenges, step up to opportunities, resolve issues and plot the course to successful outcomes every day (and that’s often before lunchtime!). With so much going on, and the stakes high in the competitive global marketplace, generic advice from a screen just doesn’t cut it. Instead, business coaching programs are designed to give that 1:1 advice and guidance that pay for itself 100 times over. But with so many choices available to business owners, how do you know which business coaching program is right for your business?

Here’s our list of six things to look for when choosing a business coaching program.


Years of in-the-trenches experience

It can seem like all you need to do is run one successful business, then hang up your boots and set up shop as a business coach.

While that coach may be an expert at building their specific type of business, and know how to solve the exact types of challenges they faced along the way, they may not have a ‘clear path’ for success that works for your specific business.

Look for a coach or group with experience running multiple different types of businesses. They have gone through hundreds of challenges, seen hundreds of scenarios, and are better equipped to advise you as you traverse your own business path.


A solid and varied network

A good business coaching program will put you in touch with a network of professionals who can help your business.

Whether it’s having a trusted accountant, marketing advisor, printing company, or any other type of service your business needs, being put in touch with a vetted and trustworthy supplier quickly can save your business time and money. Also, a business coaching program should have regular group coaching calls, meetups, and other platforms for you to connect with like-minded business owners to learn from, and perhaps even do some joint venture deals with.


Relevancy to your type of business

Finding a business coach with industry knowledge that’s highly relevant to your own business is far more effective than working with a coach who has never worked in your industry.

Find a business coach skilled in the areas you particularly want/need to develop.


A track record of results

A business coaching program should not be just a ‘feel good’ conversation. It should provide tangible ROI. Outcome-driven coaching is results-focused and keeps you accountable to the actions and results you agree to. Look for a coaching program that has proven results in the form of testimonials or case studies that demonstrate definitive business growth.


Built-in accountability

Too many business owners use their coaching calls as simply very expensive ‘pep talks’. Knowing what to do next is one thing… putting it into action is another. That’s where accountability comes into the picture. Will your business coaching program simply let you slide by month after month, not actually doing anything that’s been recommended to you? Or does your coach not let you off the hook, and have accountability built-in to their program to make sure that you actually move forward and improve your business?


Where to get further advice

Are you feeling frustrated by your lack of growth, productivity, or profit? Or maybe you’re starting a business, and want to find the best path to success. At Outcomes Business Group, our business coaches follow a proven methodology that blends education with accountability to give your business breakthroughs that lead to tangible outcomes. Get in touch with the team today to find out how we can help you. Call us on 1300 728 466, or click here to enquire online.