David Guest

There’s an old saying. Do the work without writing it down and you’re destined to do it forever.

Too many business owners are stuck doing the work of their business, meaning that there is no time to work on the business. This is usually because they believe that “no one does it as well as they do”, or “if you want a job done properly then do it yourself”. This is only true for control freaks or micro managers. An entrepreneur understands that the best use of their time is creating new opportunities, concepts or markets, but even that can be systemised.

Sometimes it can be as simple as letting things go. There are 3 ways to do that…

  1. Dump the activity. In other words, just don’t do it.
  2. Defer… Sometimes procrastination is your friend…
  3. Delegate, not abdicate. Delegation means handing over the work but not the responsibility. You do this by creating a workflow, some training and a monitoring system. That way, when you hand things over, you have the best chance of success.

Start by writing a list of the 3 things you know you should be doing more of, and the 3 things you should be doing less of. Decide whether to dump, defer, or delegate, and start building a workflow, training process and KPI’s for these items.

Over time, you will create a business system that can be run by others, freeing up your valuable time to work more strategically and take your business to the next level.

Download the productivity matrix today and get clarity on the most productive use of your time now!

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