Annette Gomez

Are you telling yourself you’re too busy?  

There is no denying that life is busier now than it has ever been before and this is especially true for those of us in business.  In between handling our day to day affairs, implementing new business strategies, learning about new trends and technologies as well as all of the “above and beyond” stuff AND demands of our families – life can be pretty draining.

There are always strategies and solutions to help improve time management and the overwhelming task of balancing a business and family life. However, for some of you it’s not that easy to make a change to your situation especially if you have developed the habit of telling yourself and others that you are constantly “too busy!“  This story will eventually become an ongoing excuse, a way to avoid having to take a long hard look at yourself and to question what underlying causes could be happening in both your personal life and business growth. This sure is a way to eventually sabotage your success.

If you are unsure whether you fall in to the “sabotage” category then here are my 5 top sabotaging behaviours and what you can do about them!

Constantly Using “I’m Too Busy” As An Excuse

I would challenge anyone who says they are both busy AND productive 24 hours a day.  

Stats and studies show that you are only fully productive and focussed for around 3 – 5 hours per day.  So even though you might feel like you are super busy and this is a very real situation for you, you possibly spend a lot of time fluffing around! Time thinking you are busy but not really being productive.

My solution here is to stand back and view yourself in OBSERVER mode, it will help.  By observing your actions you will determine if you just need help tweaking your time management skills or if you are actually acting like some crazy person who is all over the place with a lack of direction and focus and always using “being busy” as an excuse not to improve your situation.

Spending time in “observer mode” rather than “busy mode” will help you analyse what are you actually busy doing and the best times of day you are most productive in.

Always Looking At Problems

Busy and unorganised people are often so busy looking at problems they never find solutions, they even seem to attract more problems!   

Have you ever noticed when you are running late, busy and unorganised you generally face every red light on the drive to your next destination, you end up getting there much slower than if you left early and hit every green light! It is such a metaphor for life, the busier and more unorganised you are the more blocks you face.  

The simple solution is to get yourself organised.  When you are organised things begin to flow. You begin to become proactive, instead of reactive.  You begin to see solutions instead of being constantly presented with problems.

Not Building A Team

I’m too busy to find staff, I’m too busy to train staff!!  In business this is a “does the chicken come first or the egg” kind of scenario.  You need staff, but you are too busy to find the right staff and train them, so you simply stay busy. You end up hiring staff in desperation and it doesn’t work out, so it’s back to busy.  The growth of your business ends up stagnant and let’s face it – for a business, which has growth potential, without a team you will always end up working in your business and this could be a potential disaster if you want a life.

There comes a time when you must decide what you want out of your business.

Is it really that you are too busy or is it that you are scared of losing control, scared of everything else which comes with having a team?  Using the “busy” excuse you won’t ever have to face the unknown.

The solution is decide how you truly want your business to look, then acknowledge the time and the changes which will be necessary to make this transition.  Begin to look at your business as an entrepreneur, a leader rather than an employer.

Reluctance To Outsource

Outsourcing – sounds easy doesn’t it.  Outsourcing is such a simple solution when it comes to freeing up your time but actually it is often a bigger hurdle than we think to get over.

There are several reasons for this which include:

  • We struggle to see value in getting someone else to do the tasks we can do ourselves
  • Money, we don’t want to pay as we don’t see the value in paying for a service with an unknown outcome
  • Control, no one can do it better than us

The best solution here is to understand your worth.  If you are worth for example $100 an hour and you can make this $100 doing what you love and what you do best, then why not pay someone $30 an hour to do what you either dislike or are not so great at, for tasks that are most likely wasting your time.

The tasks you outsource don’t even have to be in your business!  When I get busy I always outsource the cleaning, ironing, gardening and bookkeeping. This may only free up a few hours a week, but it is a start.  These are hours which you can convert to valuable and quality time with your family, time which you can spend rewarding yourself for all your hard work or time just to be doing what you love!

Not Learning And Growing

There are always ways to do things better, but many of us are closed off to listening, closed off to learning.  We don’t like change and we use “too busy” as a coping mechanism to avoid dealing with change.

When you play the “constantly busy” card, not only do your customers, your team and your family suffer but so can your health.  For many business owners there is no such thing as work/life balance and it will stay this way. Being busy often teams up with stress and anxiety.

The solution here is to make a decision, there are plenty of strategies to help with learning, growing and change, but it is ultimately a decision you must make to be ready to implement these strategies. The day you make a decision that you seriously want to learn and grow will be the day you can change your story of being “constantly busy” to “just doing whatever it takes to get there.”

The day you decide you want to become a leader in life and business and no longer need to use excuses such as “being busy” to sabotage your success, this is the day you will commit to do whatever it takes to move in to this space and it will come with new found freedom.

There are many time management and organisational strategies and tools to effectively help you move forward?

So next time you are hear that voice telling either yourself or others you are “too busy” stop and think!  

Is it because you are actually working hard and juggling business and life for the purpose of your success?   You know deep down all this extra work and learning right now will be worth it as it is moving you towards the life you desire and this is what drives you to keep going.

Or is is because …

It has become your story, the story you tell yourself and others in order to move away from what you really want, the story you are using to sabotage your success.

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