Cindy Drake

We all dream. As humans it’s our ability to dream that gives us the power to manifest our reality, but where do those dreams come from? They come from our experiences and the emotions that go hand in hand, and your life purpose forms around chasing them. Business owners are no different, but many are letting their business take over their lives, rather than having the business as a cog in the machine that is their life’s meaning.

Recently I’ve been implementing a Vision Statement Workshop which aims to help business owners grow their business by tying it to their own personal story. This has proven a success for many clients who have come out of the workshop with a renewed enthusiasm for what they’re doing and where business is going.

One such client is Scott, who is a graphic designer running his own company. He offered an all-encompassing design service with eleven individual offerings. Scott saw himself as a pivotal part of his clients’ marketing strategy but was trying to focus more on leveraging his product offering when he started coaching.

The workshop itself has four stages

  • Identifying important life events that have happened in the business owner’s life
  • Determining why the event was important
  • Identifying key topics around each of these stories, and the emotions they provoke
  • Turn these topics into values which leads to a vision statement

Going through the vision workshop and telling his stories Scott determined that his life events revolved around challenging the normal to be outstanding. He then related that do his business and turned this into a vision statement:

Create logos for SMEs through understanding people’s stories so that their brand identity is outstanding and inspires curiosity, and do that by being happy and having fun. To be supportive, always deliver on deadline and provide great customer service.

Scott simplified his business model through the vision workshop and now has a much clearer vision that’s in line with the values he wants to express through his business, and has never looked back. This vision has defined his passion and what is important to him.

Business owners know that time is a gift that you’ll never get back, so it has to be invested wisely, and being smart about your time is all about working smarter. When you’re clear about you’re doing what you’re doing, you’ll get 100% clarity as to how to invest your time.

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