Blog by Nigel Letty


One of the great Football managers of the modern era, Pep Guardiola, said of his success: “I had the best players ever, and they helped me to be a successful manager”. Those who watched Barcelona from 2008 and 2012 would agree with the notion they were one of, if not the greatest football teams of all time, which had much to do with the fact Guardiola could call on some of the greatest players of all time, and play them under a system he perfected.

Guardiola’s acknowledgement is important for all business owners to realize, as while it’s widely accepted that a great leader gets the most out of the people they’re leading, just as much thought needs to be put into who those people are.

Of course, while the world of business isn’t as straightforward as a football pitch, there certainly are lessons to be learnt about what makes a successful leader that can be applied to great success in any industry.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your leadership and have your team drive you to reach your business goals.

Understand the roles and responsibilities of the GM/CEO role – then own it!

One day after a fitful night’s sleep I looked in the mirror and thought about everything that had kept me awake during the night. The global financial crisis had everyone scared of spending and when your business relies on people making decisions on spending ‘disposable income’ things got tough. I then had to make a decision to lead the group through this and become stronger in the process – I needed to own the role.

Understand your ideal leadership capacity.

Break down the organisational chart so that you are working with the number you feel comfortable with. While for some people this can be 6 or 7, the ideal number is 3-5 (in my experience).

Your success is tied to the way you employ and inspire. The weaker your managers the harder you work, the better your managers the more fun you have!

I sat down with a client that was doing very well – we’d grown his business from 4 staff including his wife and himself to a team of 9. I complimented him and his wife on the personal growth they’d gone through and even though they had a very conservative risk profile they had managed to recruit well and always maintained their 100k slush fund they had in the bank. My next statement was that I could see them with a team of 15 in 12 months time and their response was “No way! We don’t want that sort of pressure!” Their belief was more people, more pressure, my belief was a good team gives more freedom.

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