Planet Earth is over 4.5 billion years old; Homo sapiens are 200,000 years old. If we scale down the existence of Planet Earth to 1 year, Homo sapiens have been around for all of 23 minutes. On that timeline, our lives only measure half a second.

Mattew Michalewicz’ book ‘Life in Half a Second’ inspires the reader to make the most of their half a second. Michalewicz has researched how to get the most from life and has hit upon 5 key steps to leading a fulfilling life.

“The tragedy of life isn’t that we only have half a second. The tragedy is that we waste it.”


The 5 steps that Michalewicz’ outlines are Clarity, Desire, Belief, Knowledge and Action.

  • Clarity: The first step is being clear what you want to achieve in all aspects of life. The power of knowing what you want helps set a direction in your mind so you can focus on achieving it. Visualisation and social verbalisation are some of the tools to help embed your goals.


  • Desire: When you have a desire to do something you’ll achieve a better outcome than doing something because you need to e.g. a job. It’s better when you align your goals with desire. A process of elimination may help you find what you desire if you struggle to identify your desires.


  • Belief: We have to believe in ourselves 100{6b42b80409c62385614b0b35d408c183913816cae405db9f65c169c27dad2d57}. The book runs through some medical experiments, which help support the case that if we believe in something, it’s amazing what can happen. Our environment directly impacts our beliefs. So if your beliefs are not serving you, change your environment to one that supports your belief.


  • Knowledge: It’s easier to achieve success if you know how to achieve it. There are many different paths to success where generally the faster the path the more risky it will be. There are many lessons from others that we can learn from.


  • Action: All the other doors to success are useless unless you take ACTION One major reason people don’t take action is the FEAR. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, success, change, etc. There could be nothing worse than regretting the things you never tried. So just get out there and try new things that help you move closer to your goals.

Michalowicz explains his goal pyramid tool which helps you break down the steps you need to take in order to succeed. He focuses on the importance of investing in yourself and owning what you do.

The goal pyramid tool is explained which helps you break down the steps to take and some milestones to celebrate. Make sure you invest in yourself. Knowing what you want is one step, the other is taking action by knowing how you will achieve the success. A great lesson here is to OWN something. Create something and own it to ensure you can make money and appreciate the success.
Success is achievable for everyone, so long as you dare to be successful. You can unlock your potential in all aspects of life, get out of your rut and gain clarity and focus in your goals. This book is easy to read and can apply to all areas of life.



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