Just a minute…
Here are some of the biggest obstacles to your success.
  • If we could just get a better salesperson
  • If I just had a few more customers
  • If they would just let us do our job
  • We just need a marketing strategy that works
  • If I could just get a lucky break

If there was one word in the English language that kills creativity and trivialises the efforts required, it would be the word just.

We use it to justify why we aren’t where we expect to be. The brutal truth is that most people can’t be bothered doing what it takes to find their passion and build the life of their dreams.
The reality is that it takes great effort and energy to do anything worthwhile. So stop trivialising the effort required and get to work on building your future.

Make a decision today to remove just from your vernacular and start building the life of your dreams.

David Guest

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