I often get a glazed look from people when it comes to what a business coach actually does.

The simplest way to explain it is…

Having a business coach is like having a personal trainer… Someone who sits on the sideline and watches your game, identifies where you can tweak your performance, and helps you isolate, identify and develop the critical skills need to improve both your personal effectiveness and the performance of your business.

Coaching combines these 4 primary components…

1. Motivation – Creating momentum by inspiring the coachee to pursue their goals with vigor. This is done by gaining a deeper understanding of the individual and what drives them. Aligning the coachee’s personal and business goals is the critical first step in getting lasting change.

2. Education – Teaching the coachee business skills that will help them manage and build their business is a core foundation to successful coaching. This includes marketing, sales, financial, planning, management and leadership skills.

3. Accountability – Having someone holding you to account is a critical component of the business coaching process. The coach does this by providing a consistent framework with a working business plan and regular reporting to hold the business owner accountable to an outside party.

4. Breakthrough – When education and accountability are combined in the right proportions, pressure is applied to the coachee to grow. This pressure applied in the right way will cause growth and permanent change in the coachee.

The primary role of the business coach is to orchestrate personal and business growth by strategically combining the above ingredients. The results can be measured directly through achievement of these goals and profitability of the business.


David Guest

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