At a recent coach meeting we were asked to review a favourite book; this is an easy task for me as there are three books that significantly stick out of the crowd.


I could give you a summary of what the book will teach you, but telling you how much this book influenced my life might inspire you a lot more!


The scene started with me having a holiday in Noosa, where I was desperately trying to relax; my life was out of control, I had three retail stores with partners in two of them and a total workforce of around 40 staff. I started the earliest and normally was the last to leave and to ensure my “IN” tray didn’t overflow I bought more IN Trays!


My wife came back from cruising Hastings Street, a nearby shopping precinct, and promptly handed me a book saying; “I read the back cover and it sounds just like you!”


What I learned in my three and a half hour journey through the book excited me so much that I wanted to go home from my holiday early! I could see instantly where I had been going wrong and how I had been stifling the opportunity for my staff to grow and in the process had put so much pressure on myself unnecessarily.


Weeks later I had come back from 3 “IN” trays to one, had empowered my staff to contribute effectively and released myself from that awful feeling that being overwhelmed forces upon you. The strategies were so easy to implement and the benefit is so much a win/win for staff whether they’re technicians, sales staff or management.


For anyone that wants to grow their business and can envisage that it will grow to a point where you employ staff, this book is an absolute must!




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