Have you ever bitten off more that you can chew? This happened to me about 30 years ago with almost disastrous consequences. I had just become an uncle for the first time. I was at my house and I was looking after my beautiful 6 month old nephew Sam, alone. Then I received a phone call from my sister, asking me to drop Sam back to her house.

Have you ever see the amount of gear a new born needs? Sam had a nappy bag, a toys bag and a basinet. As I looked at Sam sleeping wrapped in swaddling in his basinet, I started questioning how could I get him and all his gear to my car. Will I leave him in the house while I take all the gear to the car? No I didn’t want to leave him alone. Should I take him to the car and then come back for his gear? This wouldn’t work either.

So I decided to take him and all his gear to the car in one go. Somehow I stacked all the bags into my arms while I held the handles of the basinet in my right hand. I struggled down the hall way and by some means managed to open the front door and then along the path to my car.

While I was trying to juggle the gear and open the car door, the bottom handle to the basinet slipped out of my grasp. And with a swing it released Sam, who rolled onto the ground in his swaddling and then continued under the car.

I was in a state of shock. How could I allow this to happen? I quickly looked around to see if anyone else has seen this, but luckily no one saw this. And I couldn’t believe my luck as Sam has slept through the whole thing! So, I got under the car and carefully collected Sam, placed him into his car seat and drove at speed to my sister’s house. Phew!

I am sharing this because so often in life and at work we try to juggle too many balls. When I have clarity about my key goals, that helps me decide what balls to juggle and I achieve the best results.

And by the way, Sam and mother are still unaware that Sam successfully performed his first tumble turn when he was 6 months old.

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