As a business owner you need to think about what happens to your employees, and yourself, under pressure.

In nature, when pressure is applied to a substance it changes state.  When a tree falls in a forest it decomposes over time, returning nutrients to the ground to support the growth of other trees. When fallen trees get buried over thousands of years, they get compressed under pressure. Eventually they turn into coal, and after another couple thousand years into oil, and eventually into diamonds – the hardest substance known to man.

How does this relate to people in business?

Here you are, your business is doing well, your working hard and enjoying life. What happens when you see a brick wall? Ideally you don’t get fazed by it and think about ways to overcome it.

Unfortunately when human beings are under pressure that brick wall becomes more and more a problematic obstacle. They think “I am not going over that, I am getting out of here.”

As a business owner, and an employer, what you really want out of high pressure situations is breakthroughs. 

When goals are set, it is often in relaxed situations, like on a beach holiday. You aren’t thinking of the obstacles that may get in the way. But when you return to work and these obstacles emerge, the goal turns to a dream that may never be achieved.

To overcome this dynamic, when you see that wall coming you need to keep running headfirst towards it. Towards a breakthrough. This breakthrough is often preceded by some level of emotion or anxiety, this is normal.

Once you get through the emotional wall, you will never go back. As business coaches we help people get to the breakthrough.  We hold you accountable to your goals so that you can see them through.