We recently ran an excellent event on Debunking the Online Marketing Myth. A key take away from our expert keynote presenters is that there is nothing new out there in how you market. The marketing methodologies are the same. 

The thing businesses and entrepreneurs are getting stuck in where to start… The thing is, you have to start somewhere. As David says, ‘you can’t stear a parked car’. Unless you start putting content on the internet, you won’t know what will work. 

The only marketing guru you need to consult is you customer! They’ll tell you what content they like. They’ll vote, they’ll like, share and comment on content that is interesting to them.

So just get started, start posting content and information…

Stick to a some kind of timeframe, at least once a week. That way you will get enough feedback to workout what your customers are really interested in and what they’re not interested in.