We just came out of a team building workshop and one of the key things that came up at the end which was really critical and sometimes we forget is the importance of having rituals in your team.

In simple terms, what rituals do is form the glue that holds the team together.

One of the truths about having employees is that all of your team will leave at some point. But the rituals and systems are the things that remain. In our office we run a WIFLE which stands for What I Feel Like Expressing which is part of our team meeting.

One of the companies I used to work for used to take their employees away to Queensland for a weekend every year which was fine when you are a small company of 12 at $1000 a head… but the company grew to 1000 people and this weekend was costing more like $1 million.

Now the accountant could have “cut” the weekend away, but they realised that the trip was the glue that kept people there. They were paying on average $5000 less than the market but it was these exciting and desirable weekends that were keeping people there.

So start thinking about the rituals that you can build into your business and create the glue that holds your team together.