Find what makes your business unique, and how to communicate it to your audience

Wednesday 23rd July 2014, between 11:00am and 12:00pm AEST

With so many competing businesses offering similar products or services, how will yours be the one they remember?

Your potential customers often have all the information they need, and your business is competing with another ten tabs on a web browser. You need to appeal to them in a way that will show them the very core of your business – and make them love it, remember it and tell their friends about it.

“Your brand needs to be remarkable”

In this webinar, Marco A Morales will share with you a very direct way to make your business remarkable by answering three simple questions – with the potential of quickly increasing the way you attract clients with very little overheads.

With a quick look into the deep questions in branding – and how they can make your business remarkable, join Marco A Morales and myself to find out the 3-step method to being top of mind.

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Marco A. Morales – Founder of ‘Little Big Epic’

Marco A. Morales

As creative director and founder of Little Big Epic creative agency, Marco specialises in bringing out the awesome in businesses and placing them center stage, turning brand awareness up for emerging brands, small businesses, established corporations and NGO’s alike.

Marco believes in the power of great ideas and specialises in unleashing PR-driven and digitally-amplified strategies and campaigns in branding, marketing and advertising.