Often in our lives and working in our businesses, we forget about dreams. We are so busy with reality and doing “stuff” that we forget about why we are doing it.

So what is a dream? A dream is a goal without an end date.

It’s one of those things like “one day” I’ll travel, “one day” I’ll retire, “one day” I’ll win tattslotto. Whenever we say “one day”, what we are really saying is there is no “one-day” and it may never happen.

The importance of dreams is that our goals come from our dreams and our dreams come from anything we desire in life.

If I asked you this question: If you had unlimited time and unlimited money, what would you Do, Have and Be; what would your answer be?

Being able to pay your bills is thinking too small. You need to dream BIGGER.

Dream building is about stretching your mind and beliefs right out. It’s about imaging what is possible for you to achieve within your lifetime. The reason you want to do this is that it starts to define who you are.

For you it might be taking a trip around the world, meeting you idol or simply being able to give to charity. But if this is the case, what is your ultimate charity. Who is the ultimate idol and where do you want to go.

It is important to define these things. Write them down or stick them to your wall. Look at them every day. Your dreams are where your goals come from, so start from the very beginning and work towards having, doing and being the person you always wanted to be.