Lots of people have downloaded our sales process ebook – but there’s a big difference between downloading something and using it to produce real sales results.

One of our challenges can be to procrastinate on things we need to be doing. Sometimes we know that we need to develop a sales process or make sales calls, but we find ourselves doing other things instead.

Why do we stop doing things? Why do we fail when we need to succeed? Often it’s simply that our comfort zone – our familiarity zone – is breached when we start doing things where we don’t know what the outcome is.

Procrastination is quite natural – it’s a response to a perceived threat. To move past it, we need to understand what’s happening and to identify the benefit s of what we’re going to do. This makes it easier to take the plunge and move forward.

What drives our behaviour?

Our behaviour is like the tip of an iceberg – it’s what we see. What sabotages us is like the iceberg that sank the Titanic – what’s below the water line is what can do most damage.
Underlying our behaviour there are deeper levels that may be generating our procrastination:

  • Skills: What are the skills that support the sales process? How can we develop and practice them? Doing something different feels strange – and often it’s simply that strangeness that stops us.
  • Beliefs: What do we hold to be true? Do we think that sales is negative, or that our customers will reject us? We need to
  • Values What’s most important to us. How can you translate your sales work into a process in line with our values for family, service or value.
  • Identity: If you have a stereotype of a sales person as being pushy or a hard sell then that could clash with your own sense of identity. Work on developing your identity

The other important element of sales success is your environment.  Like an iceberg in the ocean, we exist in a environment. Is your environment conducive to successful sales? Do you have inspiration around you (like a dream chart)? Do you have people around you who support and encourage you?

So get out that sales book you downloaded – and if you find yourself hesitating then do a quick check to see what’s getting in your way:

  1. Skills
  2. Beliefs
  3. Values
  4. Identity
  5. Environment