Do you want to get more leads into your business without spending a lot of money?

There are some low-cost direct marketing strategies that any business owner can use which are quite controllable.  Done right, they can be highly successful.

Before you start, make sure you’re organised to measure your success. The first rule of direct marketing is that you need to be able to measure your response, so have a process where you know what contacts you’ve made and how successful they were.

Direct mail still has a place in marketing today, despite the prevalence of email. Email is all too easy to delete. You can communicate with people with bits of paper that they can touch and handle. Do it right and they’ll remember you.

The first step is to create a letter that will attract their attention, so take time to craft this (download one of our templates if that’s useful). Sending “lumpy” mail is a good strategy too – including something that stops the letter going straight into the recycle bin. It could be a pencil, a pen, a lollypop – anything that will get your letter noticed.

Think about how you deal with your mail. The initial pile gets sorted into “junk” and “open” – so do all you can to get into the “open” pile.

Get the right person’s name on the front, don’t just use a generic “business owner”. Do the research so that you know who the right person is.

Craft a great headline. When they open it they will see the headline first, so make sure the headline is compelling – ideally, have it related to the ‘lump’ that you enclosed.

Always follow up the letter with a phone call – the second contact is critical to put you in the prospect’s memory.

With a direct mail campaign, it’s highly controllable. You are in charge of the number of letters you send and hence the followup calls required, so you can start small, practice your followup and test the content.