Melbourne Business Coach David Guest discusses how to get quick cash in your business.

Christmas is coming and the inevitable costs of such a festive and busy season are upon us. So how is your cash flow faring in the scheme of things? Have you got enough in the bank to last you through till next year?

For many business owners, closing the business for 2 weeks isn’t all laughter and eggnog. It can take a business until March to get back on top of their cash flow and this can lead to a lot of sleepless nights.

In this video, you will discover how to take back control of that festive fatigue.

You will learn how to: Set tailored goals for the holiday season Communicate more effectively with your team Forecast future jobs, materials and information Re-engineer the way you do business, not just for the next couple of months, but next year as well.

Join Andrew Oldham (from Shoebooks) and myself as we discuss the issues plaguing businesses in the lead up to Christmas. Ask us questions live and have them answered there and then! Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your business.