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Business Coach Melbourne – David Guest speaks with Rob Hilliar about Family Business Issues and the Secret Weapon for overcoming them.

If you run a family business, you would be painfully aware of the potential conflicts, difficulties in getting agreement and the sheer waste of energy just trying to keep things together.

In today’s highly competitive market a well run family business can be your biggest asset.

There are 5 dangers that are faced by almost every family business, the ignorance of which can cripple a business leaving the whole family in financial disarray and even worse, in total communication breakdown.

In this highly informative webinar I interview psychologist, Rob Hilliar, who is renowned for his work in relationship counselling and behavioural profiling. He will be sharing his first hand experience in identifying the dangers that a typical family business faces and the best strategies to overcome them.

We discuss…

  • Succession and making sure you have a plan.
  • In fighting, and some simple tricks to stop it. Lack of communication, and how it can destroy the fabric of a business. Nepotism, and the impact it has on employees.
  • The Secret Weapon, one area that often gets ignored to the peril of the family.

Rob Hilliar is a practising psychologist and DISC trainer.With over 20 years experience in relationships and how to create long lasting mutually beneficial deep relationships, he has helped hundreds of family business owners deal with their challenges and break down the walls that stop them from achieving the success they are entitled to.

“Most people with difficult relationship challenges are only seeing one side of what’s possible. There is always another side. Every time you successfully deal with your relationship challenges a gateway is opened up so that everything improves, both for you and your partner.” – Rob Hilliar