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Melbourne Business Coach David Guest speaks to Lawyer William Mulholland about the Australian Consumer Law and the implications for business owners.

It has been over 2 years since the new Australian Consumer Law (ACL) came into effect and while there has been a lot of commotion about the Carbon Tax, Gonski and the NBN, many SMEs are still not sure about their obligations and the rights of their clients under the new consumer regime ushered in by the ACL.

Since commencing in early 2011, there are now 12 new statutory consumer guarantees that your clients may be entitled to under the ACL in relation to the goods or services your business supplies.

For some small business owners, a misguided view is that these new consumer laws simply do not apply to them. This is wrong and there are potentially serious fines (up to $1.1 million) as well as other possible consequences for any SME that fails to appreciate the implications of the new regime.

The ACL has changed the landscape for doing business in Australia. It is important that any business supplying goods or services knows who a ‘consumer’ is and why certain guarantees are no longer optional but are required under law.

In this webinar, I interview William Mulholland from william mulholland + co lawyers, a leading commercial and business lawyer who will be talking about who is a ‘consumer’ under the ACL, the 12 new guarantees and how they impact on the way you do business with your clients. He also talks about the importance of having up-to-date terms and conditions documents so that your business can be fully compliant with the ACL and reduce the risk of any fines or other possible actions from disgruntled clients.

This webinar is be a plain English explanation of the new law with relevant examples and summaries to illustrate how the new law operates and what it means to your business. Remember, ignorance of the law is no defense, so view this recording to understand what you and your business should be doing about the ACL and the new world of statutory consumer guarantees.