Melbourne Business Coach David Guest speaks with James Eling from Extreme Networks.

Target in the United States used Big Data to start marketing to women in the first Trimester of pregnancy to buy baby goods.

Find out what Big Data is and how you can leverage it’s principles to find new customers and better service your existing customers.

The Internet is breaking down barriers between businesses throughout the world.

How can you dramatically decrease costs in your business by leveraging the Internet?

The Internet has changed the way that people live their lives.

It has also changed the way that people need to be marketed to. How does this make marketing easier for small businesses, cutting costs and increasing marketing returns dramatically.

Amazon has a commitment to decrease the price of the cloud products and Microsoft has a commitment to be cheaper than Amazon

How do they do it and how can Australian small businesses take advantage of the decreasing price of cloud services.

In this webinar, we discuss the ways that the internet is having a profound impact on nearly all Australian businesses, but also highlight the ways that many businesses can profit from the changes and dramatically increase their business.

This will be light on theory and heavy on specifics, with Case Studies delving into the key issues of how to re-engineer your business to take advantage of the change in the way we conduct business.