Hiring contractors can be a great way to facilitate business growth. Getting a new person in to assist your business, however, can be an awkward venture.

Planning is a vital part of making things go smoothly.

Invest time in the initial stages

Most businesses invest a decent amount of time in the recruitment stages when hiring contractors, and this is as it should be. Once the contractor is in the workplace, however, most companies assume they can be left alone. Every workplace is different. It’s important to invest at least half an hour in inducting new contractors to the work systems in place. Without help, contractors can take several hours to sort this information out for themselves.

Check in

It’s incredibly disappointing to find that a contractor has not been doing the work they should be. While it may seem to go against a team building instinct to peer over the shoulder of a contractor, it’s actually a good idea to keep close tabs on what they’re doing. This ensures that there are no misunderstandings to cause trouble later on.

The areas to check in on are the hours spent getting work done, and the specific tasks to be undertaken.

Keep things clear

The importance of communication between you and your contractors can’t be emphasised enough. If you don’t make your requirements clear, and ensure that your words have been understood, you can’t expect things to go well.

A common example is the accounting process once the work is done. Ideally, a contractor will tell you exactly what they have done for you and what their work process has involved. In reality, very few contractors do this without prompting.The only way to ensure you know exactly what your money has gone into is by clearly defining your expectations at the outset, and having a debriefing session as the job comes to completion.

Small businesses do not often have the in-house resources they need to expand. Bringing in contractors can be an excellent way to grow your business. For things to go smoothly, though, some time and effort needs to be put in from your side.