Most people would look at their accountant or business adviser with a distant eye. Usually, such consultants are there to provide a service, nothing more. For businesses that are interested in expanding, though, accountants and business advisers are resources that should be carefully tended.

When you think about it, your accountant and your other business advisers play an incredibly intimate role in your business. They are some of the few outsiders who know exactly how you operate, right down to the way you spend your budget. It helps if your relationship with these consultants is easy and familiar.

Help them grow, too

If you trust your accountant, or if your business adviser has given you some excellent business assistance, why not pass the word along? Referrals can be a way to reward the services these consultants provide. By helping them to build their business, you are providing them with a reason to make sure your business also thrives.

Actively collaborate

Collaborating on an outside project is a way to acknowledge that your relationship is not just that of client and service provider. Along with referring your accountant and business adviser to colleagues, you can bring them along with you on projects. Your ability to take care of these services can work out to be an asset when you tender for new opportunities.

Selection is the key

Good relationships between accountants, business advisers and businesses don’t happen overnight. However, the seeds are sown from the beginning. When you’re first looking at accountants and advisers, take the time to build a relationship. Talk to them face to face before contracting their services. This will give you a good idea of whether you’ll get along.

Communication is important in many areas of business, and your relationship with your business advisers is not exempt. Invest time in building a good rapport with your accountant and other business advisers, and they will invest more time in you. The result is a collaboration, rather than a cold and distant provision of services.