The thought of business law can be daunting. Business lawyers appear to be an essential part of the system, but they also require a significant financial investment. The result, for most businesses, is that business lawyers are only called in when there is already a problem to be faced.

The decision to get a business lawyer on board can be a difficult one. It’s a decision that can be helped by an understanding of what a lawyer can do for your business, and what you can deal with on your own.

Can I cope alone?

Some aspects of business law are small enough that the business owner can take care of them without assistance, but there are many situations in which the advice of a lawyer can help. Setting up the business, for example, can typically be done without the help of a lawyer, although it’s always advisable to seek legal advice before signing contracts between partners. Risk assessments can similarly be helped along with the advice of a legal professional.

In this way, business lawyers can provide a wide range of small but helpful services. Drafting contracts, negotiating terms, intellectual property protection, and providing advice on professional liability are all types of business assistance a business lawyer can provide.

Can’t I just wait until I need help?

This is the path that the vast majority of businesses take, but it’s not often the best one. As any savvy business owner knows, a small investment in the present can often prevent a huge cost further on. Legal matters are an area to which this applies. In taking a proactive stance on legal matters, you can avoid situations that could lead to legal trouble down the line, ultimately saving money in court fees.

Ideally, your business lawyer will be someone who contributes to the management of your business. At the very least, every business owner should have a business lawyer in mind who can be contacted in an emergency.

Business assistance is one of those tricky areas that individual businesses need to negotiate for themselves. In an ideal world, with endless financing, businesses would take advantage of all the assistance a business lawyer could provide. Unfortunately, most businesses will have to limit the tasks their business lawyers undertake. It is nevertheless worthwhile having a business lawyer selected and ready to go for those times you do need their assistance.