Plumbers are naturally task-focussed. The time needed to carry out jobs often means that business structures are neglected. With just a small amount of attention paid to the way each day is structured, you could save considerable time and money.

There are small things any plumbing business can do to improve efficiency every day, and over the course of each year.

Tips for every day

During the average work week, simple time management steps include:

  • Avoid interruptions Interruptions like telephone calls can be costly not just because of the time they take, but because of the time it takes to get back into the work at hand. It may be just five minutes here and there, but those minutes add up to become a major drain on your time. A way to avoid these situations is to use an answering service, or simply have a message bank in place.
  • Create weekly schedules At the beginning of every week, set out your schedule and upload it to your phone. This schedule should include a master ‘to do’ list as well as details of upcoming jobs for the week. Beginning this way allows you to separate out tasks for each day, and group tasks for efficiency. It also allows you to determine which tasks are to be delegated.
  • Measure time Much work time is wasted because people aren’t keeping track. Measure the time tasks take, and cut out procrastination. At the very least, this will result in shorter work days and impressive outcomes for your customers.

Working efficient systems into your business

Managing your time well is more than a day-to-day matter. With the right structures in place, your everyday tasks can be undertaken more efficiently.

Busy plumbers rarely have time to sit down and think about their business. The answer is to schedule a business planning day once a year or every six months. During this time, check in with your business goals and assess whether you are meeting them. Include personal goals in your plans. Doing so will allow you to plan when you will search for extra staff, when to set aside marketing time to attract new clients, and when you have enough time for a family holiday.