Although a good business can retain plumbers, staff recruitment is an unfortunate necessity at times. Hiring new staff always presents its own set of difficulties. New plumbers are always an unknown quantity, and a certain amount of time needs to be spent on the induction process. There are ways to make it easier, and to secure better plumbers for your team.

  1. Develop a recruitment procedure

    Any company that doesn’t have a formal recruitment procedure in place is in danger of hiring the first person that seems to fit. Your recruitment procedure should set out a certain amount of time to accumulate applicants, a first and second job interview process, and a way to review applicants. Integrating your recruitment procedure with your induction procedure will help your OHS management as well.

  2. Reward recruiters

    Plumbers often know when other plumbers are looking for work, and this is often how new plumbers are recruited. Recruitment rewards are a good way to ensure only reliable suggestions are made. Offer staff and acquaintances a small fee for referring plumbers, to be paid once the plumber is hired and working.

  3. Offer incentives

    While a steady, reliable position is a valuable thing, a good way to secure hard-working staff is by offering incentives that your competitors don’t offer. These incentives don’t have to be large to appeal to potential new staff.

    Incentives can include offering bonuses for plumbers who secure you clients via referral, training, or even a company-sponsored social club. Offering such incentives can improve staff satisfaction across the board, resulting in better work and increased staff retention.

  4. Develop a relationship with training institutions

    Many of the most keen plumbers are those who have freshly qualified or are about to qualify. Maintaining a relationship with your local training institution can help you to spot the best workers from the crop about to finish their apprenticeship.

  5. Keep in touch with previous workers

    Finally, the best way to guarantee that your team has reliable plumbers is to have worked with them already. Many plumbers set out on their own, but later find it difficult.

Former workers will need time to adjust to their new jobs before knowing whether they want to come back, and it’s best to wait at least six months before suggesting a return. Staying in touch in this way keeps a path open for them to come back, and makes it easier to hire reliable workers on a casual basis.