Staff appraisals are an excellent way to gauge your team’s performance. Staff appraisals traditionally occur once a year and can be applied to absolutely everyone in your organization or business. If conducted properly a staff appraisal can be a valuable tool in order to manage people and enhance the overall performance of your business.

The introduction of staff appraisals to your business allows you to formally assess the performance of your staff in a regular and ordered way. The appraisal is much more than telling staff if they are doing well or not so well, it is also a way to define the relationship between the worker and the company. Roles are bound to change in a company that is growing and changing and the members of your team need to grow and change accordingly.

Generally, the staff member does most of the talking by expressing a self-assessment that you can then cross reference with perceptions of other managers and staff members. As the person leading the meeting you have two goals:

  1. Formally and professionally assess the staff member’s performance
  2. Tell the staff member if they are doing well or badly

Before conducting staff appraisals, it is important that the CEO, Manager or Business Owner is clear in communicating to the team what the process is intended to achieve.

It is important that a staff appraisal process is transparent and fair. If you are new to this process, engaging a human resources consultation might be very helpful in order to design a process that will suit your organization.

Staff appraisals must be carried out at regular intervals which can be anything from every six or twelve months with new team members undergoing a process of appraisal after an arranged period of time.

One way to approach the meeting is to get the staff member to fill out an appraisal form; the answers and feedback can then be discussed during the staff appraisal meeting. The form should have questions about all the aspects of the team member’s role and ongoing relationship with the company.

The interview is a one-on-one meeting involving the manager and the team member. The outcome of the meeting should be an agreed set of goals and objectives and perhaps an action plan signed off by both parties. The action plan should have a schedule and if improvements need to be made to a staff member’s performance, then the manager has to provide all the support and tools the team member needs to achieve these agreed upon targets.

Always finish on a positive note. Staff appraisals make team members uneasy and if you want the best from your employees, an optimistic, can do attitude will go a long way to improve team performance.