Rumen Iliev defines organizational development as, ‘improving a company’s performance and individual development of its employees. Each organization should be viewed as a coherent system composed of separate parts. Organizational development as a process includes methodologies and achievements in strategic planning, organizational design, leadership development, coaching, diversity and balance between work and life.’

He goes on to say that as business enters a new era, emotional intelligence, ability to set goals and follow them and to self improve continuously is the way to make strong and complete individuals that can produce a stable and profitable business.

Organizational development looks at the stages that a business undergoes during the process of their development. This is based on the understanding that businesses have cycles of development characterized by crises and how to overcome them. It assumes that organizations are like human beings and therefore need the same kind of care that you would endow a person during their stages of development.

Business advice is useful to identify stages of development and strategies to cope with them. This process is planned as, ‘it requires systematic diagnosis, program development and mobilization of resources (financial, technical, human) in a separate structural unit or entire organization.’

The formal parts of the company that it analyses are structure, objectives, human resources and compensation. The informal parts of the company include attitudes, social relationships, and values.

Most importantly organization development looks at the whole picture so that your business is developing in a positive manner on all levels of its operation.