Here are four sure fire ways to sell more to your existing customers:

1. Think long term

If you offer great deals from the start, customers will continue to go to you for their needs. Brand loyalty is a powerful way to retain custom. Some customers prefer to deal with a business that they know and trust and have been offering them good deals from the beginning of their association. A customer for life is a customer you want for your business.

2. Up-sell

An ‘up-sell’ is when you encourage your customer to either up-grade or buy something extra to the original purchase. McDonalds is a familiar example of the up-sell when you buy your burger and the server asks if you, ‘Would you like fries with that.’ The travel industry uses the ‘up-grade’ where you get options to add accommodation, car hire or visiting attractions at the destination. These up-grades are things that the customer will be interested in once they’ve booked their flight. Ease of purchase is the name of the game here.

3. Say, ‘Hi.’

You have to make sure that you are ‘on your customer’s radar’. You can make sure that you have customer awareness of your business through sending out newsletters or sending them a card on their birthday or at Christmas. Be careful though not to harass customers. Be subtle or you may have customers that don’t use your business ‘on principal’ because you are sending them three emails a day.


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4. Get to know your customers

Get onto social media so you know what your customers need and like. When you grasp what’s ‘trending’ offer your customers products or services they are interested in. Never assume that you know what a customer wants. Social media will tell you what they want so set up that account with Facebook or Twitter.

If you apply these four simple approaches to customer retention, your business’s cash flow can become stable and your business a beloved institution with a large stable of customers for life.