In business productivity is the name of the profitability game. A productive business is a business that can grow.

Here are five of the top productivity tips for business owners from top business coaches.

1. Start with the most important task for the day

Begin the most important task for the day first thing in the morning when you are fresh and focussed. Bear in mind that you will be doing the most important task and not the most urgent task before you. Urgent tasks can be unimportant on closer inspection. You can interrupt the most important task if something really urgent comes up or you have a deadline during the day. You can always return to the most important task later. Since you have already organised your thoughts surrounding the most important task earlier in the day, it will be easier to re-engage with later in the day. Your subconscious might even have been doing some work on it while you were thinking about something else.

2. Manage your time consistently

For a business owner strong time management is inextricably linked to strong project management and your project is your business. Time management includes long term planning and efficient scheduling of time. Time management also creates consistency in the work place, which leads to increased productivity.

3. Multitasking does not work

Doing a range of tasks at the same time makes you lose focus and not produce work of the highest standard. Do one thing at time, do it well and then move onto the next task.

4. Do what you need to do

Do what you need to get done and don’t get caught up in secondary tasks. Getting distracted by secondary tasks is a form of procrastination. This kind of procrastination will make you feel like you are working really hard but not really getting anything done by the end of the day. Give yourself a break and do the things that you need to do.

5. Engage a business coach

Business coach David Guest says that having a coach work side by side with you to ensure you and your team are working at their peak will produce changes in business profitability can be both dramatic and profound.

If something is not working in your business, an outside expert eye can identify things that could do with improvement and suggest ways to implement positive change. Perspective is first thing we can lose in the struggles and strains of the business world.

So there you have the top five productivity tips: start with the most important task, manage your time, don’t multitask, do what you need to do and consider engaging a business coach if something is not working and you can’t quite identify the problem.

May your day be a productive day.